Breakbulk Shipping

Breakbulk Shipping


When dealing with shipping logistics, particularly Breakbulk Shipping, it’s common to face hurdles that cause delays. If you have had any experience with the shipping & logistics industry, you will know that trying to get an issue solved means being pushed from person to person. No one actually wants to take responsibility for the matter being resolved.

We know that our team at Kenter stands out because we don’t give people the run around and we are famous for our problem solving skills. A great example of this was a recent problem involving 1100mt of steel pipe stalled at the wharf after being unloaded from a Breakbulk Shipping vessel. No matter who was called, there were no answers for the client.

Customs had cleared the shipment, delivery orders were signed and under the management of a well known logistics company. Everything was in place for the offloading to occur and should have run smoothly.

All the clerks and stevedores involved in the offloading process were satisfied that they had everything in line.  But for some reason there was a Tally Assistant (TA) refusing to load the pipe that was on the wharf onto a truck.

Over 2 hours the numerous different parties could not find a solution to the stall:

The clerks could not work it out.

The shipping line could not work it out.

The Toll driver couldn’t work it out.

The customs broker could not work it out.

Kenter to the rescue …..

Within 10 minutes of the SOS smoke signals being sent from the client to Kenter, the issue was solved. The TA for the stevedore was unable to match the markings on the pipes (2 numbers) because it wasn’t on the shipping line delivery order.

With the intimate knowledge and understanding we have of the entire operational Breakbulk Shipping process, we could swiftly work out where the block was and how to fix it. We have the skills in our team to shortcut this complicated process as we have seen and done it all before. This fast response and knowledge means we can stop all delay costs, reduce futile trucking trips and eliminate tail chasing.

The sheer amount of time and money that could have been saved had we been involved two hours earlier, is phenomenal.  Time is money, and a two hour delay on a wharf has a knock on effect that can push a project back and miss an essential deadline.

Let Kenter help you on your next Breakbulk Shipping Line delivery and avoid the run around.

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