Issues for Importers

Issues for Importers


With borders fast opening up and restrictions tumbling, we are seeing a return to some semblance of normality in regards to trade shows and expos. Exhibition Halls that were ghost-like over the last three years are now bustling with stands and consumers.

In order for these expos to go ahead, there needs to be product on the ground, so we are seeing an increase in imports with prototypes and stock for display which is leading to issues for importers!

Recently I dealt with an Australian customer importing a prototype for a major Caravan and Camping show. They had paid $15,000 for the Expo space and the container and product being purchased on CIF terms*. Upon receipt at the wharf the transport company identified “noises” from inside the container that indicated there had been some damage to the stock during transport. It was then deemed unsafe to continue the transport and delivery.

It may have been tempting to have the Aussie attitude of “she’ll be right mate”, but with Supply Chain Legislation in this country, the transport companies are unable to proceed should a catastrophic incident occur on the road due to an unsafe load. So where do you start when your product is sitting at the wharf, unable to be transported, with potential damage and no idea of where to start the insurance or rectification process?

Who are you gonna call?

Our trusted service network at Kenter is where you start!

This particular client gave me a call, we re-routed the container for them and I attended our unpack depot with the client – me in my suit! We documented the unpack process whilst the container was parked up and grounded.  Every detail inside the container was recorded and sent on behalf of my client to a marine insurance survey representative.  If this had been left to my client to self manage, crucial documentary evidence would have been missed, it would have been weeks to find the nominated marine surveyor, figure out what was required for the claims process and get the product secured and transported.

After years on the job this process is second nature to the team here at Kenter, and we know which levers to start pulling instantly so that your marine transit claim is expedited easily, quickly and cleanly. The result for this client was a speedy resolution and his product delivered to the Expo on time and with no burden to him.

If you are involved in bringing in products to Australian shores it is imperative you have a representative that can respond quickly and effectively with any issues as they come to hand, especially with the issues for importers that we are witnessing.  For help with any importation queries please contact us on or (07) 3733 1600

*CIF – Cost (of the product), Insurance (on the product and freight components) and Freight (the supplier delivers to destination port of your nomination).

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