UPDATE: DP World Industrial Action

UPDATE: DP World Industrial Action


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for partnering with Kenter and your continued business.


We regret to inform you that DPW has experienced a complete nationwide shutdown due to IT issues. As a result, all operations have ceased, and it is unlikely that slots will be accessible for collection today.

This interruption will impact both import and export movements, as well as some scheduled deliveries.

We are actively monitoring the situation and will provide updates as soon as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.

Urgent: Electrical Trades Union Industrial Action Update at DP World BNE

DP World Brisbane wishes to inform you about the ongoing Electrical Trades Union Protected Industrial Action at our terminal.

This action has resulted in disruptions to several modules and equipment operations.

While discussions are underway to address the situation, we are committed to keeping you informed of any progress made.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of industrial action.

It is our priority to reach a new Enterprise Agreement that not only addresses productivity concerns but also ensures operational efficiency.

Urgent: DP World Brisbane Terminal Volumes Update as of 20th February 2024

We would like to bring to your attention the ongoing high container volumes expected at DP World Brisbane Terminal in the coming days and weeks.

To enhance terminal Turn Time (TTT), we urge you to maximize the available capacity during weekends. Our vehicle booking system has ample space to accommodate container collection before storage initiation.

We encourage you to utilize the available capacity across all shifts, especially this upcoming weekend.

Your cooperation during this period is crucial in managing the heightened volumes effectively.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 8th February 2024

For Brisbane Terminal Update

As we gear up for another busy week ahead, we wanted to provide an update on our current operational status and potential challenges we may face.

This past week, we managed to navigate through with minimal disruptions despite the vessel bunching at terminals. However, as we approach the end of this week, we anticipate similar challenges, which may lead to reduced throughput at the terminals into early next week. Thankfully, we haven’t encountered any issues at terminals so far this week, which is a positive development.

Our side loaders are already fully booked until Thursday next week. To ensure smooth operations, I urge you to make your bookings as early as possible. Additionally, if any of your clients have the flexibility to accept after-hours deliveries or spread their deliveries throughout the day, it would significantly help in managing the volume during peak slots.

While we are committed to doing everything within our capacity to mitigate delays, given the circumstances, we anticipate some delays may occur. Rest assured, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and promptly notify customers of any impacted deliveries, should they arise.


Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding as we navigate through these challenges together.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 5th February 2024

As we prepare for the upcoming week, we anticipate a significant surge in activity, particularly regarding vessel arrivals in Brisbane.

The situation is expected to be compounded by the temporary suspension of PIA at DP World, resulting in an accelerated arrival of vessels. Currently, our side loader capacity is fully booked until Friday of next week. Therefore, we urge you to promptly make your bookings to secure space.

To mitigate the congestion during peak times, we encourage flexibility with delivery schedules. If your clients can accommodate after-hours deliveries or distribute shipments throughout the day, it will greatly help alleviate the strain on our resources.

Given the circumstances, it is probable that deliveries scheduled for early next week may extend into the following week. Despite our best efforts, delays may be unavoidable. Rest assured, we are actively monitoring the situation and will promptly notify you of any impacted deliveries.


We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding as we navigate through these challenges.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 2nd February 2024

We are pleased to share some positive updates regarding the DP World PIA. Please find below the latest communications from DP World for Brisbane.

Issue: DP World CMMFEU Protected Industrial Action Suspended.

We would like to inform you that the CMMFEU Protected Industrial Action has been suspended until further notice.

Starting today, Friday 02/02 at 07:00, there will be no restrictions on old yard or reefer operations.

The CMMFEU Protected Industrial Action is suspended until further notice.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 1st February 2024

We wish to inform you of an upcoming temporary disruption to operations at DP World CMMFEU PIA, effective from Monday, 05/02 at 06:00 through to Friday, 09/02 at 23:00.

During this period, please note the following changes:

Old yard operations (40 and 50 pads), OOG, Haz tanks, and Reefer receival and delivery (old yard and Modules) will not be available at the following times:
05:00hrs – 07:00hrs
13:00hrs – 15:00hrs
21:00hrs – 23:00hrs

However, General Cargo receival and delivery to/from modules will remain available 24/7.

We understand the importance of these operations and assure you that our team will be monitoring the situation closely. Should there be any impact on deliveries, we will promptly notify affected customers.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this period of adjustment.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 22nd January 2024

This is a reminder that starting today, Monday 22/01 at 04:00 through to Thursday 25/01 at 07:00, there will be temporary restrictions on old yard operations, including 40 & 50 pads. During the specified times, the following operations will not be available:

Old yard operations (40 & 50 pads): NO OOG, NO Haz tanks, NO Reefer receival and delivery (old yard and Modules)
These restrictions will be in effect at the following times:

04:00hrs – 07:00hrs
12:00hrs – 15:00hrs
20:00hrs – 23:00hrs

Please note that these restrictions are applicable from now, Monday 22/01 at 04:00, until Thursday 25/01 at 23:00. We kindly request that you monitor 1-stop for any updates regarding terminal operations and PIA.

Your cooperation during this period is highly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your understanding.

DP World Industrial Action – Update as of 16th January 2024

We would like to bring to your attention the ongoing challenges between DP World and the Unions, which significantly increase the likelihood of disruptions escalating.

This situation is expected to persist until the end of the month, with daily stoppages lasting up to 8 hours. As updates become available, we will make it a priority to keep you informed.

Regardless of the outcome, anticipate disruptions at the container terminals over the next few weeks.

Additionally, please be aware that this situation is affecting no-show fees related to incorrect time zone information at the terminal.

You may access the DP World’s amended list of updates until 30th January 2024 by clicking below.

DP World Protected Industrial Action

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this challenging period.


Warm regards,


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