Out-of-Gauge Shipping Special Cargo Considerations

Out-of-Gauge Shipping Special Cargo Considerations


Benefits of Choosing Us for Out-of-Gauge Shipping

Recent RoRo vessels’ space limitations have created a demand for alternative solutions, including import machinery exceeding standard container dimensions. At Kenter International Logistics, we understand the complexity involved in transporting heavy cargo. We have over 45 years of experience which ensures your oversized machinery arrives safely and efficiently at its destination.

Out-of-gauge (OOG) shipping is for cargo that exceeds the standard dimensions of a shipping container. Industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and large vehicles are usually all included in out-of-gauge shipping.

Kenter offers a comprehensive out-of-gauge shipping service, carefully handling everything in the process. We offer initial planning, route selection, customs clearance, and final delivery.

Extensive Logistics Experience

We combine 45 years of extensive experience to provide our services and make heavy-lift cargo shipping efficient. Our team takes on the toughest heavy cargo projects while displaying their expertise in successfully managing complex logistics operations. We have completed projects for customers in oil and gas, mining, construction, and other sectors.

Customised Solutions

Every client is unique and so are their requirements for shipping. Kenter develops a tailored transportation plan by working closely with you. Our plan meets your unique requirements to ensure a seamless import process for your oversized machinery. We also create a solution that’s cost-effective for you.

Global Network

Our wide network of agents and partners makes it effortless to deliver shipments to any destination around the world. We even provide coverage in remote areas using our extensive network of shipping routes and carriers.

Clear Communication

Our entire shipping process is based on clear and continuous communication as we value transparency and honesty. Kenter’s dedicated customer support staff keeps you informed about every stage and promptly addresses all your queries.

Out-of-Gauge Equipment

Flat Rack Containers: These are perfect for heavy import machinery and other bulky cargo that requires top or side loading. Get a secure platform for your oversized equipment.

Open Top Containers: These are suitable for cargo having more heights. There are removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers for effortless loading and securing your machinery with bull rings and lashing bars.

Break Bulk Cargo: This does not fit within a normal container and is usually used for project cargo, like farm equipment. It’s securely lashed and loaded below deck on a vessel for safe transportation.

Important Considerations for Out-of-Gauge Shipping

Kenter considers various crucial factors when shipping heavy cargo like:

Marine Surveyors

We can connect you with qualified marine surveyors who can analyse your cargo to recommend a suitable shipping option. This assessment is based on factors like dimensions, weight, and potential hazards.


We follow strict safety protocols during shipping, including careful securing and lashing of cargo. Our aim is to prevent any kind of damage to the cargo during shipment.

Stowage Positions

We meticulously consider stowage positions within the vessel for maximum stability and minimum exposure to sea spray that could damage import machinery.

We Are Your Trusted Partner in Out-of-Gauge Shipping

Our dedication to offering exceptional customer service will exceed your expectations. We value respect, integrity, excellence, and transparency in all of our processes.

Let’s Discuss Your Shipping Needs

If you need reliable special transport from or to Australia, contact us today to get a free quote and consultation. No consignment is too huge for us and we can safely deliver bulky shipments to anywhere in the world at a fair price.

We will be pleased to answer all your queries and develop a tailored out-of-gauge shipping plan. Kenter carefully considers your budget and other requirements and ensures your oversized import machinery arrives on time.

To become a part of the Kenter team, get in touch with our experts today.

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